Playing a computer game is one thing, but how are these games produced?
Could I make my own computer game? How do companies bring together the art,
music and story and meld it together to form an interactive experience? To some,
this process seems like a voodoo; a complex dark art that they neither understand,
or feel that only large companies with millions of funding and masses of staff
are capable of doing.
'Programming' is the act of instructing a computer to do your bidding. Computer
games are made up of millions of individual instructions that tell the computer
what to draw where, how to make the characters act, what to show on screen and so
on. These instructions are what bring together the art, sound and story, much
like a film director calls out, "Lights, Camera, Action!". (Although Programming
is not quite that simple, yet!)
Game programming is an endless supply of coffee. It is sitting in your room listening
to music on your headphones because it's 01:00 and everyone else is sleeping.
Game programming is collision detection, vectors, mathematics, and in some cases,
frustration. Game programming is NOT sleeping and definitely NOT profitable (for most)
but game programming is FUN and we love game programming! Game programming all the way!
Nonetheless, it's possible to get a job in the game industry! Imagine working with other
creative, like-minded individuals to develop games that millions of people will
potentially play! Game programmers work with other passionate artists, game designers,
and production managers to take an idea to reality. Many companies such as Microsoft Games
Studios, Rare, and Bungie offer internships to students who have an interest in video
game programming. So, keep reading to discover how you can develop the game of your dreams.
Game Programming is your school level studies combined with your state of the art computer
programming skills. If you know C/C++ perfectly, that doesn't assure that you'd be a
perfect game programmer because game programming requires knowledge of 3D mathematics
clubbed with AI and physics skills. Game Programming is fun but the most challenging form
of programming as there are not much possibilities of work arounds in this domain,
there's just one way and that is DO IT RIGHT IN THE MOST OPTIMIZED WAY.
Note: It is not a requirement of programming that you practice bad sleeping habits,
nor is it recommended. Don't forget to take regular breaks, away from the computer,
and sleep as needed. Some doctors recommend diverting your eyes every ten minutes or
so for about one minute. Looking out the window, or at something that doesn't stress your
eyes, is a good idea for long term "sessions."


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