MindTerm SSH client

Because of security concerns, telnet is not generally available as a means of external access to Computer Engineering machines. The recommended alternative is SSH, which is very similar to use but more secure. If you are setting up your own computer, you will want to install and configure an SSH client program.

For one-off use, for example from an Internet café, we recommend MindTerm. MindTerm is an SSH client that runs as a java applet within your browser, and so does not require installation of software on the computer you are using.

Warning: although SSH programs like MindTerm reduce the risks associated with sending your password and other information across the network, you may still be at risk from snooper programs running on the computer that you are using. If you do use MindTerm to access Computer Engineering systems from an Internet café, we strongly recommend that you change your password as soon as you return to the Department.

Click on the button below to view instructions and simultaneously download and launch the applet (N.B. the applet is about 1MB in size). You will need to have java enabled in your browser.

MindTerm Source: mindterm_3.0-src.zip

MindTerm Home Site: http://www.appgate.com/products/80_MindTerm/

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Updated: November 2005