Sun Fire V250

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Sun Fire V250
Number 2
Architecture UltraSPARC[tm] IIIi (1.28GHz), 64-bit, 4-way Superscaler SPARC V9
Cache memory 64 KB data, 32KB instructions & 1 MB Integrated L2
Main Memory

4 DIMM slots per processor
Registered DDR-1 SDRAM (PC2100) 128 bit plus ECC databus. System Configurations 4 GB

Standard Interfaces
Ethernet One 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port
PCI Six internal PCI 2.2 compliant expansion slots:
Three full-length 64-bit 33/66 MHz, 3.3V (slots 2, 4, 5)
Three full-length 64-bit 33 Mhz, 5V (slots 0, 1, 3)
SCSI One Ultra160 SCSI Multimode (SE/LVD)
System Configuration Card Front accessible for transfer of system configuration information, including host ID
Network Management One 10Base-T Ethernet port
Keyboard and mouse USB, each uses one of the four standard USB (Type A) ports
Parallel One parallel port (DB25)
Serial One TIA/EIA-232-F asynchronous (DB9) Port
Serial Management One TIA/EIA-232-F (RJ45) Port
USB Four OHCI 1.0-compliant interfaces, supporting dual speeds of 12 and 1.5 Mbits/sec each
Internal Mass Storage
Disks 4 hot-swap Ultra160SCSI 73-GB disks
Tape 4mm DDS-4 DAT SCSI Tape or 4mm DAT 72 SCSI Tape
Dimensions and Weights
Height 485.6mm (19.11in)
Width 251mm (9.88in)
Depth 613mm (24.15in)
Weight 21.5kg (47.3 lb.), minimum configuration
31kg (68.2lb.), maximum configuration